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Add free, open Artificial Intelligence courses Web Site Organization (if any) Degree / Non-degree Instructor's Name Location Other Info Language Tags
Artificial Intelligence BerkeleyX non-degree Dan Klein, Pieter Abbeel Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Artificial Intelligence MIT non-degree Prof. Patrick Henry Winston Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
The Human Intelligence Enterprise MIT non-degree Prof. Patrick Henry Winston Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate / Graduate
i-Programmer - Stanford's Free Computer Science Courses Stanford University non-degree Browser Eight, free, new courses, beginning, February, 2012, lasting 10 weeks, and online enrollment is now open English Undergraduate
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Stanford University non-degree Sebastian Thrun, known for his self-driving cars, and Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google. Browser Starts on October 10th, 2011, lasts 10 weeks, and online enrollment is now open English
Machine Learning Stanford University non-degree Professor Andrew Ng Browser Start anytime English Open
Medical Artificial Intelligence MIT non-degree Prof. Lucila Ohno-Machado, Prof. Peter Szolovits Browser Start anytime English Graduate
Preliminary SPARQL endpoint for Wikidata [Wikidata-l] non-degree Markus Kroetzsch Browser "Below this email are some example queries to get you started (this is a bit of a learning-by-doing crash course in SPARQL too" English
Techniques in Artificial Intelligence MIT non-degree Prof. Tomás Lozano-Pérez, Prof. Leslie Kaelbling Browser Start anytime English Graduate
Course's Name http:// non-degree Browser Start anytime English

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Open Journal Systems. 2012. Open Journal Systems. Public Knowledge Project.

(WUaS's wiki, information technologies and criteria for this - informed by the WUaS academic journal subject matter - are developing, since you can already publish your article at or Research Gate - - or Spire - - for example); See Library Resources below at WUaS for further resources.

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Chalmers, David and David Bourget (eds). 2012. The Language of Thought (The Language of Thought on PhilPapers). Australian National University.

Chalmers, David and David Bourget (eds). 2012. Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence on PhilPapers). Australian National University.

Select Blogs, Blog Aggregators[edit]

MacLeod, Scott GK. 2023. shagbark hickory: A new Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT focused blog post * * * Hickory Creek Wilderness in the Allegheny National Forest in central Pennsylvania (one of only 2 wilderness areas in PA) * The wilderness word calls to me, in asylum in PA from CA ... natural free hot springs not around though - what's the hot spring situation like in Saudi Arabia? Any winter visits for you? :) * * * Use of #AItools for productivity . . . Can #ChatGPT write your next scientific research paper? * * * Published recently 1st piece of #CeolMor, "Struan Robertson's Salute", in #HoneyPiobaireachd album. Pittsburgh, PA:

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Begin a Google Meet video call:

MIT UnHangouts -


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Kelly III, John E. 2013. Smart Machines: IBM's Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing. (1st chapter: New York, NY: Columbia Business School Publishing.

Taylor, William A. 1988. What Every Engineer Should Know About Artificial Intelligence. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

History of AI

Crevier, Daniel. 1993. AI: The Tumultuous Search for Artificial Intelligence, New York, NY: BasicBooks.

McCorduck, Pamela. 2004. Machines Who Think (2nd ed.), Natick, MA: A. K. Peters, Ltd.

Add an ISBN.

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Add an ISBN.

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Spohrer, Jim. 2022. ChatGPT. (See, too: December 10. Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA

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Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence - Topic.

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(See also editable World University and School's 'You at World University' page:

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Another discussion on AI - good or evil? 2015. Another discussion on AI - good or evil?. Mountain View, CA: .

CSIG Talk: Cognitive Work Assistants: Vision and Open Challenges. 2015. CSIG Talk: Cognitive Work Assistants: Vision and Open Challenges. Mountain View, CA: .

Grand Challenges and Competitions. 2015. Grand Challenges and Competitions. (Suggest Grand Challenges here: .

Kelly, Kevin. 2014. Re: It's not everyday that a veteran columnist.... (See too: Pacifica, CA: .

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Kroetzsch, Markus and Gerhard Weikum. 2014. JWS SPECIAL ISSUE ON KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS. (Submissions are due by 28 February 2015).

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Artificial Intelligence Point of View documents. 2014. Point of View documents.

(See also editable World University and School's Library Resources' page:

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(See also editable World University and School's Museums' page:

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The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter. 2012. The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter.

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Norvig, Peter, and Sebastian Thrun. 2011. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence office hours part 1. November 9. Stanford, CA: Stanford University.

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IBM Watson Developer Cloud. 2015. IBM Watson Developer Cloud. Armonk, NY: .

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AI gets so-so grade in Chinese university entrance exam. 2017.

AI gets so-so grade in Chinese university entrance exam. June 8.

Arnold, Stephen E. 2014. Semantic Web: Remember That for Enterprise Search?. October 26.

Augmented cognition. 2014. Augmented cognition.

Balkan, Aral. 2015. Free is a Lie. (See, too: .

Brooks, David. 2014. Our Machine Masters. October 30. .

Brynjolfsson, Erik, and Andrew McAfee. 2011. Winning the Race With Ever-Smarter Machines. December 21. Cambridge, MA:

Cuthbertson, Anthony. 2014. Google Partners with Oxford University to Develop Artificial Intelligence. October 23. .

DeSmedt, Bill. 2014. Building a Conversational Agent From the Ground Up, Part I. April 30.

Diamandis, Peter H. 2015. AI Will Deliver Education on Demand. .

Dwyer, Christopher P., Michael J. Hogan, Owen M. Harney, John O’Reilly. 2014. Using interactive management to facilitate a student-centred conceptualisation of critical thinking: a case study. October 23. .

Green, Robb. 2015. Big Data part II: This time it’s personal. April 10. .

Hartmann, Stephan. 2014. Artificial Intelligence and Its Methodological Implications. Munich, Germany:

Holley, Peter. 2015. Bill Gates on dangers of artificial intelligence: ‘I don’t understand why some people are not concerned’. January 29 Washington DC: .

Howard, Jeremy. 2014. The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn | Jeremy Howard. (Accessible here too: TEDx.

Idehen, Kingsley. 2015. Free is a Lie. () .

Isaacson, Walter. 2014. Walter Isaacson: Where Innovation Comes From - Today's biggest innovations are coming from the combination of human inspiration and computer-processing power.

Kroetzsch, Markus and Gerhard Weikum. 2014. JWS SPECIAL ISSUE ON KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS. (Submissions are due by 28 February 2015).

KELLY, KEVIN. 2014. The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World. October 27. San Francisco, CA: .

Lyrdor. 2011. Stanford AI Class 'Beta' For Commercial Launch?. September 6.

MIT Media Lab. 2011. New Artificial Intelligence Hall of Fame inducts four MIT professors. August 24.

MacKinnon, Rebecca. 2015. 2015 : WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MACHINES THAT THINK? - Electric Brains. .

MacLeod, Scott GK. 2023. Goldenrod, gigantea (subsp. serotina) (NE - Nebraska state flower): Twitter - Sat 5/20/23 noon ET open @WorldUnivAndSch @WUaSPress #WUaSCorp #MonthlyBusinessMeeting, w Zoom URL> * * * Stanford Law CodeX - Re: [codex_group_meetings [EXT] codex_group_meetings Digest, Vol 91, Issue 4 * Stanford Law CodeX - [codex_group_meetings] TODAY! CodeX Mtg (5/18 @1.30p PT): Responsible AI; regulation of legaltech in Germany (Zoom) * Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, MIT Sloan Sch of Management Allison Ryder, Steve Mills, Giesela Ruehle, Lydia Pintscher, Stanford Law CodeX's Roland Vogl - I asked Google Bard and Chat GPT related questions such as the following - "How best could responsible artificial intelligence be regulated, besides with copyright and creative commons' law for data, and to protect the public domain and creators?" * Am curious how ~200 online CC-4 licensed MIT OCW-centric (wiki) World Univ & Sch Law Schools' facilities / faculties could teach iteratively regulating artificial intelligence & machine learning]. (See, too - and May. Pittsburgh, PA:

MacLeod, Scott. 2014. Fothergilla major (Witch alder): "Guide AI" conversation - Kevin Kelly's Google + plus post as beginning of the "Guide AI" conversation, WUaS as international university institution plans for 242 countries' CC MIT OCW-centric university law degrees, Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools" with echoes of "The Whole Earth Catalog, How further to develop a Guide A.I. conversation vis-a-vis a whole earth vision?. (See too: San Francisco, CA: Fothergilla .

MacLeod, Scott GK. 2022. Snow: Monday, 1/2/23 open World Univ & Sch WUaS News and Q&A Zoom URL and Season's Greetings * * * Re: Univ of Pittsburgh-MIT OCW-centric World Univ & Sch - Submitted: Partnering [#26649 * * * Artificial Intelligence Tech Scouting for World Univ & Sch from Jim Spohrer, PhD, Retired Industry Executive (Apple, IBM), UIDP Senior Fellow, Board of Directors, ISSIP Member, ISSIP International Society of Service Innovation Professionals ( AND Spohrer, Jim. 2022. ChatGPT. Pittsburgh, PA:

Markoff, John. 2012. Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs. November 23. New York, NY: The New York Times.

Markoff, John. 2014. Study to Examine Effects of Artificial Intelligence. December 15. New York, NY: The New York Times.

McDonald, Glenn. 2015. Kids learn to write by teaching robots. March 7. San Francisco, CA: .

Patel, Veena. 2014. Artificial intelligence is on the rise, is our human society ready for it?. New Mexico:

Pickens, Hugh. 2014. Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates. December 17. .

Price, Gary. 2015. New Article: “Linked Data URIs and Libraries: The Story So Far”. May 15. .

Price, Gary. 2015. New Article: “Linked Data in Libraries: A Case Study of Harvesting and Sharing Bibliographic Metadata with BIBFRAME”. March 31. .

Quoc V. Le & Mike Schuster, Research Scientists, Google Brain Team. 2016. A Neural Network for Machine Translation, at Production Scale.

Shahani, Aarti. 2014. In A Landmark First, An AI Program Fools The Turing Test. June 09. .

Simcoe, Luke. 2014. Watson challenge winners at U of T want to ‘create a great Canadian company’. December 3. Toronto, Canada: .

Soulskill. 2012. Strong AI and the Imminent Revolution In Robotics. June 23.

Spohrer, Jim. 2014. Access Watson on BlueMix Today. September 30.

Spohrer, Jim. 2017. Building Blocks to the Future: Cognitive OpenTech. April 17.

Spohrer, Jim. 2014. How can universities win the race with ever smarter machines?. November 25. .

Spohrer, Jim. 2014. Some Institutes that Study Cognitive Systems. September 30.

Spohrer, Jim. 2014. Two common questions about getting access to Watson from faculty. September 30.

Students Tap the Power of Watson. 2014. Students Tap the Power of Watson. October 08. Berkeley, CA:

ToolifyAI. 2024. Revolutionizing Education with Machine Learning and AI: WUaS - World University and School. (Updated on Mar 02, 2024). Mountain View, CA:

Toy, Jason. 2014. On Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence. August 14.

Linked Open Data

Introducing Linked Data And The Semantic Web. 2014. Introducing Linked Data And The Semantic Web.

Linked data. 2014. Linked data. .

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Alahmadi, Muhammad. 2014. ICS381 Module02 Intro to AI. Saudi Arabia:

Hendler, Jim. 2014. [ Watson: An Academic Perspective]. Troy, NY: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Nezhad, Hamid R. Motahari. 2015. Cognitive Work Assistants: Vision and Open Challenge. March 9. San Jose, CA: IBM Slides.

Viswanathan, Amar and James A Hendler. 2014. Not Elementary! My Dear Watson. (Tetherless World Constellation). Troy, NY: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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The Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Harvard. 2011. The Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Harvard. Cambridge, MA: Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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Winston, Patrick H. 2014. Patrick H. Winston. (Patrick H. Winston is Ford Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Cambridge, MA:

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Select Textbooks[edit]

Luger, George; Stubblefield, William. 2004. Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving (5th ed.). The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc.

Nilsson, Nils. 1998. Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

Oxford University Artificial Intelligence Society - Papers. 2011. AI Links. Oxford, UK: Oxford University.

Poole, David; Mackworth, Alan; Goebel, Randy. 1998. Computational Intelligence: A Logical Approach. New York: Oxford University Press.

Russell, Stuart and Peter Norvig. 2010. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. (3rd edition). (What's New: Free Online AI course, Berkeley's CS 188, offered through edX). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Winston, Patrick Henry. 1984. Artificial Intelligence. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley.

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MacLeod, Scott GK. 2023.

@GoogleAI #FeiXia & #WenhaoYu how to dev #PhysicalDigital #LegoRobotics' #LegoWeDo2 #GorillaRobot w #ScratchProgramming as #DigitalTwin w

  1. LanguageToRewardsForRoboticSkillSynthesis #LLM for #ComputationalBehaviorism (think BF Skinner) pot. in a #RealisticVirtualEarthForRobotics?



How best #WenhaoYu & #FeiXia @GoogleAI to add this #GorillaRobot I'm making in #LegoWeDo2 #LegoRobotics Pt2/4 w #ScratchProgramming >

  1. LanguageToRewardsForRoboticSkillSynthesis #LLM in #RealisticVirtualEarthForRobotics in #GoogleStreetView w #TimeSlider?

Retweeting -

Introducing a new language-to-reward system for interfacing LLMs with robots using reward functions. Learn how the system’s predictive control tool enables users to teach robots novel actions using natural language inputs →

Pittsburgh, PA:

MacLeod, Scott GK. 2024.

WONDROUS #PeterNorvig : #ToolifyAI created this Amazing #AIarticle Revolutionizing Education with Machine Learning and AI: WUaS - World University & School 3/2/24 about @WorldUnivAndSch touching on so MANY Salient POINTS in a brand new way for #WUaSunivs~


  1. ToolifyAI created: "Revolutionizing Education with Machine Learning and AI" :
  2. WUaSunivs @WorldUnivAndSch SEE: "Creating a #RealisticVirtualEarth

The Study of Bliss & Enjoyment in Learning Flow: Psychology of Optimal Experience Bliss in a #VirtualHarbin"

Retweeting -

Tulipa montana Liliaceae Markazi province, Iran May 2023 Altitude: 1800m

  1. tulipa #wildflowers #picoftheday #botany #ecology #forestry

Pittsburgh, PA:

Rajpurkar, Pranav (@pranavrajpurkar). 2022. My lab at @HarvardDBMI has now freely made available 📢50 educational lecture videos 📢. These cover (1) breakthroughs in deep learning, esp. self-supervised learning + multimodal learning (2) the intersection of AI & medicine (3) how to do AI research. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Medical AI | Rajpurkar Lab -

Spohrer, Jim. 2015. smart service systems and cognitive assistants at UCSB talk … @The_ISSIP #ISSIP. .

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Artificial Intelligence - A Legal Perspective. 2011. Artificial Intelligence - A Legal Perspective. October 27. Stanford Law School.

Bri Builds. 2023 5 SECRET Ways to Become a Speed Learner With ChatGPT. Jan 9. Accessed online Feb 6, 2023.

Hendler, Jim. 2015. Artificial Intelligence vs Humans | Jim Hendler | TEDxBaltimore. Baltimore, MD: TEDxBaltimore.

Huang, Jensen. 2022. GTC 2022 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. (Note: Digital twin of Earth climate more accurate and faster than physics based models). Santa Clara, CA: NVIDIA Youtube.

Khan, Salman, Sebastian Thrun, and Peter Norvig. 2011. Reinventing Education with Khan Academy and AI Class. December 9.

McKee, Karen L. 2023. Can ChatGPT Write Your Next Scientific Paper?. Lafayette, Louisiana: US Geological Survey.

Pesenti, Jerome. 2014. Cognitive Computing: New Ways of Developing Software for a New Era of Computing (SATURN Keynote). Pittsburgh, PA: Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University Youtube channel.

Spohrer, Jim. 2015. Jim Spohrer from IBM on Smart Service Systems with Cognitive Assistants. futurict Youtube channel.

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Welcome to the Companion Website for Artificial Intelligence. 2014. Welcome to the Companion Website for Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving. (Student Resources: Includes The Java, PROLOG and LISP Companion and source code. ... Instructor Resources: Instructor materials are available on our Instructor Resource Center. Separate registration is required. ).

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Gifted 2013.

Google Street View. 2017.

Kaneva. 2014.

Open Cobalt. 2013.

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Primary Games. 2013.

Quest Atlantis. 2012. (

Second Life - Harvard's virtual island. 2012. - and teach, learn and share ideas - in group voice chat, or in group type chat, and via building.

SmallWorlds. 2014. 2014.

Twinity. 2014.

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WiloStar3D. 2013.

World of Warcraft in School. 2014.

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List of Wikipedias. 2015. List of Wikipedias. .

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