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Greetings, and welcome! - Developing a new World University and School wiki in Miraheze for with this URL - with an invitation to wiki edit, teach and learn.

Wiki World University and School is like CC Wikipedia (in its ~330 languages) with CC-4 licensed MIT OpenCourseWare - - (in its 5 languages), and CC Yale OYC (see: ... planned in all 7,164 living languages + as wiki schools for open teaching and learning.

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! #ToolifyAI created: "#RevolutionizingEducation with #MachineLearningandAI" : #WUaSunivs (updated 3/2/24) ~#ToolifyAIWUaS but it has not yet created #RealisticVirtualEarth mentioned for the first time by someone other than ~ @WorldUnivAndSch ~

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Nation States at World University and School, EACH becoming AN ONLINE MAJOR WIKI UNIVERSITY in each country's official LANGUAGE (accrediting initially on CC MIT OpenCourseWare in its seven languages).