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Religious Studies[edit]

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Add free, open Religious Studies subjects Web Site Organization (if any) Degree / Non-degree Instructor's Name Location Other Info Language Tags
Evolutionary Psychology MIT non-degree Prof. Steven Pinker Browser Start anytime English Graduate
Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora MIT non-degree Prof. Erica James Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Audio/Video Lectures at MIT OpenCourseWare MIT non-degree Browser WUaS is accrediting for bachelor and Ph.D. degree programs on Audio/Video Lectures at MIT OpenCourseWare. English
MIT OCW MIT non-degree Browser Start anytime English High School, Undergraduate, Graduate
MIT OCW Translated Courses MIT non-degree Browser Start anytime English
Course's Name http:// non-degree Browser Start anytime English

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DB: "thinks every religion has some truth to it. My Muslim friends are right that Jesus was not the son of god. My Christian friends are right that Mohammed was not god's prophet. My Hindu friends are right that there cannot be one god. My Jewish friends are right that there is certainly no more than one god. My Buddhist friends are right that one's conduct should not be affected by the gods. Lots of truths!"

This is World University and School's open, free, editable Religious Studies' 'subject' page - It presently has a significant evolutionary biology focus, as well as an atheistic one.

o?, O?, Oh? ... or uh oh? ("Good minus God" - - may add to World University and School's Religious Studies subject page - - and/or its Nontheist f/Friends' page (There are also wiki Philosophy pages at WUaS - - with many MIT OCW courses, and for open people-to-people philosophizing, teaching and learning, as wiki, and potentially interactively online, as well).

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Lattin, Don. 2013. ‘Distilled Spirits’: The untold story of how Alcoholics Anonymous became an all-American spiritual movement.

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Cotter, Christopher R. 2011. Toward a Typology of Nonreligion: A Qualitative Analysis of Everyday Narratives of Scottish University Students. Edinburgh, Scotland: University of Edinburgh.

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World Buddhist Directory. 2011. World Buddhist Directory.

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