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Primate Behavior Notre Dame non-degree Professor Agustín Fuentes Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Zoo Med: Primate Medicine Tufts non-degree Keith Mansfield, D.V.M., Hayley Weston-Murphy, D.V.M. Browser Start anytime English Veterinary Medicine
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I'm curious both about an 'ecology of attention,' (where ecology refers to what is examined in, for example, this textbook: Elements of Ecology (8th Edition) - see, too, Ecology: with implications for humans as primates ... and for psychiatry, psychology, as well as psychotherapy, within the family in particular, as well as an ecology of sociocultural processes, such as, for example, the effects of Quaker socioculture, as one of millions of 'sociocultural processes' and their effects, in modernity, - on neurophysiology, and, in terms of 'troopbondage' (see John Money 1988) - vis-a-vis other groups (e.g. city hall folks in S.F., tourists, GLBTQ, the Chinese American community, homeless people, musical groups, etc., as human primates), - both of which may make interesting, WUaS, wiki, Subject pages in the future.

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Open Journal Systems. 2012. Open Journal Systems. Public Knowledge Project.

(WUaS's wiki, information technologies and criteria for this - informed by the WUaS academic journal subject matter - are developing, since you can already publish your article at or Research Gate - - or Spire - - for example); See Library Resources below at WUaS for further resources.

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Best primatology blogs. 2011. 20 Best Blogs for Primatology Students. (

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Marsh, James. 2011. Project Nim. Red Box Films, Passion Pictures, BBC Films.

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Comparative Cognition Lab. 2013. Comparative Cognition Lab. ( New Haven, CT: Yale University.

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Gutgesell, Volker. 2011. Ape close and personal: Stunning images which capture primates at their most unguarded. London, UK: The Daily Mail.

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Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri)

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"In Shiga Heights in central Japan, the macaques enter and remain in hot springs in the winter, probably to regulate their body temperature behaviorally (Hori et al. 1977)."

Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei)

Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

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Human (Homo sapiens)

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Santos, Laurie R. 2013. Laurie R. Santos. ( ). New Haven, CT: Yale University.

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Strier, Karen B. 2006. Primate Behavioral Ecology (3rd ed.). Allyn & Bacon.

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Varsava, Nina Britt. 2007. Talking apes: the problem of anthropomorphous animals. Alberta, CA: University of Alberta.

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Darwin Monkey. 2013. Darwin Monkey. Edinburgh, UK:

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Ape Genius. 2011. Ape Genius. PBS Nova.

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Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri)

Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei)

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Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

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Human (Homo sapiens)

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Rhesus Monkeys

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with educational electronics, as well; with musical instruments; value pricing ... 2% below market, consistently; available via mail and electronically;

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Join the World University and School Google + Group to add to its wiki-like calendar to teach an open, free class or course, converse about ideas, and jam (e.g. musically or theater improvisation): .


Career counseling:

Finding / creating a job you really love:

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Geodetic datums such as WGS84 or GPS

Geohash keys

... in a virtual world


Many thanks to each of you!

Please feel free to hyperlink your name to a location of your choice (or tell WUaS where to link to - Please do not hesitate to let WUaS know if you think that somebody (including yourself) has been forgotten, now or in the future; please include a URL, which is, of course, one main way identity created on the internet.

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Brainwave device / Headset

Broadcast to radio frequencies

Broadcast to TV / television

Create EMail group for page

Digital Text to Audio file format (Browse Aloud / Read Aloud?)

Google Glass

MIT OCW Mirror Site Instructions:

Oculus Rift


Publish to DVD


Send to phone




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MIT OCW Audio Video Courses:

Admissions at World University and School:

Conference Method of Teaching and Learning:

The College at World University and School:

Ph.D. Degrees at World University and School:

World University Law School:

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WUaS International Baccalaureate Diploma and Programme:
(beginning with United Nations' languages - Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian, Spanish)

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Google Earth.

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(Search on the word 'lists' here, too:

3D Learn. 2013.

Active Worlds Educational Universe (AWEDU). 2012.

Alice. 2012.

Minecraft. 2012.

Edusim. 2013.

Gifted 2013.

ISTE – SIGMS. 2013.

Kaneva. 2014.

Open Cobalt. 2013.

OpenSim. 2012. (

Open Croquet. 2012. and

Open Wonderland. 2012.

Primary Games. 2013.

Quest Atlantis. 2012. (

SimScience. 2012.

Second Life - Harvard's virtual island. 2012. - and teach, learn and share ideas - in group voice chat, or in group type chat, and via building.

SmallWorlds. 2014. 2014.

Twinity. 2014.

Unity3D. 2012.

WiloStar3D. 2013.

World of Warcraft in School. 2014.

Add a learning-oriented virtual world here:

Travel to this virtual island to learn building:

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Global ID and Multiple IDs - see

Bar code


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Teach and Learn using free Social Networking software to share what courses, etc., you find edifying, what you enjoy learning ....

About Me - World University and School -'s World University and School -'s World University and School -'s World University and School - ('This group may be archived').

Good Reads -

Google + Profiles - - Scott MacLeod -

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World University & School 'subject page' group

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Yahoo Groups' World University and School:

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Linked Open Data, Linked Data for artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a focus on privacy and security.

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List of Wikipedias. 2015. List of Wikipedias. .

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Broadcast to television

Teach and learn using free TV-Live Broadcasting software to the web:

Google + Hangouts -

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Livestream TV -

MIT UnHangouts -

Ustream TV -

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Teach and learn using free TV-Live Broadcasting software

Free video conferencing

iChat -

Skype -

Free, group video conferencing

AnyMeeting -

Google + Hangout - -

Meeting Burner - – up to 15 connection

ooVoo -

Paltalk -

sifonr - free communication -‎

Tokbox | OpenTok - API -

Vyew -

Web Huddle - - - Cloud HD Video Meetings -

Universal Translator at WUaS[edit]

Google Translate language:

Sugar Labs: Translation System language:


Select Translators

Babelxl. 2015. Babelxl: the best translator. .

Babylon Online Translation. 2015. Babylon Online Translation. (Offering hundreds of dictionaries and translation in more than 800 language pairs). . 2015. .

Google Translate. 2015. Google Translate. .

SDL Free Translation. 2015. SDL Free Translation. .

Word Lingo Free Translation Tools. 2015. Word Lingo Free Translation Tools and Machine Translation Products. .

Select Video with Subtitles for Translation 2015. Captions, subtitles, and translations simplified. (Amara makes video globally accessible: Captions, subtitles, and translations simplified).

TED Open Translation Project. 2015. TED Open Translation Project. (See - - and - .

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The "Universitian" Newspaper at WUaS

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Media Wiki -

PB Works -

Wet Paint -

Wikia -

Wikispaces -

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