audible bilingual texts for Greek language practicing

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multipedia is the name of a project founded on 2004 by Simos Megalos, a Hellenic IT engineer, with the mission to promote the idea of audiovisual bilingual texts as an alternative and culturally diverting genre of educational material to be used by second language acquisition students at an advanced level of study and also by literature lovers for the pure pleasure of listening & reading. The texts on project's website ( have been selected for their beauty of art and content but also for their complexity and richness of vocabulary, in order to address the particular practicing needs of advanced Greek learners who have had their classes of syntax and grammar, of course, and now seek to immerse themselves in the Hellenic culture and history and philosophy through some comprehensible and pleasant Greek listening & reading. According to Simos Megalos, the creator of multipedia, less complex texts with simpler vocabulary could probably be used for starting level students or children, but this needs to be demonstrated with a different application. The original idea of the multipedia audible bilingual library was designed & implemented by Simos Megalos, an IT engineer from National Technical University of Athens.