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Brain and Cognitive Sciences[edit]

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Add free, open Brain and Cognitive Sciences subjects Web Site Organization (if any) Degree / Non-degree Instructor's Name Location Other Info Language Tags
Basic Behavioral Neurology UPenn non-degree Roy Hamilton, MD Browser Start anytime English
Brain and Cognitive Science Courses MIT OCW non-degree Browser Start anytime English
Brain Structure and Its Origins MIT non-degree Prof. Gerald Schneider Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience MIT non-degree Prof. Susan Carey, Prof. Rebecca Saxe Browser Start anytime English Graduate
Drugs and the Brain MIT non-degree Zak Fallows Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Infant and Early Childhood Cognition MIT non-degree Prof. Laura Schulz Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Introduction to Neuroanatomy MIT non-degree Prof. Chris Moore Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate, Translated Versions: 繁體字, 简体字
Laboratory in Visual Cognition MIT non-degree Prof. Aude Oliva Browser Start anytime English undergraduate
Music Perception and Cognition MIT non-degree Dr. Peter Cariani Browser Start anytime English Graduate
Philosophical Issues in Brain Science MIT non-degree Prof. Pawan Sinha, Prof. Alex Byrne Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Sensation And Perception MIT non-degree Dr. Benjamin Balas Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Sensory Systems MIT OCW non-degree Prof. Peter H. Schiller, Prof. M. Christian Brown Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Systems Neuroscience Lab MIT non-degree Prof. James DiCarlo, Prof. Kay Tye Browser Start anytime English Undergraduate
Course's Name http:// non-degree Browser Start anytime English

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National Science Foundation Visualization Challenge. 2013. Entry Details for National Science Foundation Visualization Challenge. (Public Voting will end on Nov 29).

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Comparative Cognition Lab. 2013. Comparative Cognition Lab. New Haven, CT: Yale University.

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Newsome, Bill. 2014. Stanford Open Office Hours: William Newsome. (How do we learn and remember? What technologies might allow us to peer into the brain and even manipulate its function? How could a deeper understanding of the brain influence public policy, education and the law? In this session of Open Office Hours, William Newsome, professor of neurobiology and director of the Stanford Neurosciences Institute, discusses the big questions that brain researchers are still trying to answer). October 9. Stanford Youtube channel.

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Harvard University. 2014. A new technique for observing neural activity will allow scientists to stimulate neurons and observe their firing pattern in real time. Cambridge, MA:

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Talbot, Christopher and Luke Kidney. 2012. WebGL Neuroanatomy Atlas. (This is an interactive 3D atlas that allows you to explore brain stem and spinal cord neuroanatomy).

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Augmented cognition. 2014. Augmented cognition.

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MacLeod, Scott. 2015. Brain: How did language evolved say between 200,000 years ago and 2 million years ago? "Indexicality" (Deacon)?, Explore the history of the origin or language with brain and cognitive science with the brain itself as evidence, The brain and bodymind itself, which after much further understanding, may well become evidence itself - "inside" of us, How too will Computational Linguistics help us understand further some of these questions?. June 11. Portland, OR: .

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Origin of Language. 2015. Origin of Language. .

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Roast, Roger. 2011. Localizing Language In the Brain. August 31.

Sariñana, Joshua, Takashi Kitamura, Patrik Künzler, Lisa Sultzman, and Susumu Tonegawa. 2014. Differential roles of the dopamine 1-class receptors, D1R and D5R, in hippocampal dependent memory. Cambridge, MA:


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Zhang, Sarah. 2011. Brain navigation: Research team turns terabytes of image data into model of neural circuits. August 26. Cambridge, MA: The Harvard Gazette.


Trafton, Anne. 2014. Expanding our view of vision: New brain-scanning technique allows scientists to see when and where the brain processes visual information. January 26. Cambridge, MA: MIT News Office.

Trafton, Anne. 2013. Making connections in the eye: Wiring diagram of retinal neurons is first step toward mapping the human brain. August 7. Cambridge, MA: MIT News Office.

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Artificial Brain Simulation. 2012. Artificial Brain Simulation - Thalamocortical System, 3.5 Billion Synapses, 16.7 Million Neurons. Ivan Dimkovic Youtube channel.

Au, Wagner James. 2011. Brain-Computer Interface for Disabled People to Control Second Life With Thought Available Commercially Next Year. August 11. New World Notes.

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Wahls MD, Terry. 2011. TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria. (Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to properly fuel her body. Using the lessons she learned at the subcellular level, she used diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair). Iowa City, IA: TEDx.

Wallisch, Pascal. 2014. The neurobiology of happiness: Pascal Wallisch at TEDxNYU. New York, NY: TEDxNYU.

What Playing A Musical Instrument Does To Your Brain. 2014. What Playing A Musical Instrument Does To Your Brain. TED Ed - .

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The Brain. 2011. Brain: The brain, with the spinal cord, comprises the body's central nervous system. This is the major control network for the body's functions and abilities. Healthline.

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Calhoun, Adam J. 2014. BRAIN Initiative announcements. SEPTEMBER 30.

Carey, Benedict. 2014. Benedict Carey. New York, NY:

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