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; 14 July 2013 - World University and School's Youtube channel is growing - https://www.youtube.com/WorldUnivandSch
; 1 July 2013 - For prospective students (11th graders?) to World University and School - New Video Introduction, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at WUaS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTzo7MFhJqk
; 1 June 2013 - https://plus.google.com/108179352492243955816
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===Free Degrees / Credit Planned===
MIT OCW Audio Video Courses:
Admissions at World University and School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Admissions_at_World_University_and_School
Conference Method of Teaching and Learning: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Conference_Method_of_Teaching_and_Learning
The College at World University and School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/The_College_at_World_University_and_School
Ph.D. Degrees at World University and School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Ph.D._Degrees_at_World_University_and_School
World University Law School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Law_School
World University Medical School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Medical_School
World University Music School: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/World_University_Music_School
WUaS International Baccalaureate Diploma and Programme: http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/WUaS_International_Baccalaureate_Diploma_and_Programme
(beginning with United Nations' languages - Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian, Spanish)
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