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“Live music” is a term in English used to describe music, played by human beings in a real time concert. Usually performing on an instrument or with your voice.

You are “playing live” when you get on stage and make music there at that moment. Many would argue that others (such as DJs or those who perform either backing tracks) and not performing ‘live’ but to my mind as long as you’re not miming it counts.

Think about the last concert you went to. Try to remember how you felt listening to the music, the feeling of the crowd singing along, and the energy coming from all around you. I'm guessing you have fond memories of that day, whether it was a country concert under the stars or a rock-band at your local bar. Have you ever wondered why that is? Why does music evoke such a feeling of awe and inspiration when we hear it?

THE SCIENCE BEHIND MUSIC You Are What You Listen To The Science Behind MusicThere's nothing quite like attending your first concert. I remember mine vividly, it was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, just shy of twenty years ago. Music has a special way of moving us and staying with us throughout our lives. We often associate music with special times in our lives, including the hard times. Why is this? It has to do with the term implicit memory, which is a more reactive, unintentional form of memory.

In other words, implicit memory is emotional as well as durable. This explains why you might think of your first high school dance every time the song Whip It! by Devo comes on, or you start reminiscing about your college spring break when the radio plays I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston.

So, what does all this mean? You might think that because people are so different in nature and we all have our own experiences and opinions, that we would all experience music differently. This is actually far from the truth. Music brings people together and in a big way - it’s a bonding experience. Three studies were recently published on the topic of the brain and music. They all found that people who listen to music all perceive music the same way, despite whatever personal differences they brought to the table, there’s a level on which they share a common experience.

That gives me chills to think about, but also makes me extremely happy to hear. Music is a commonality between people, that can bring them together. It is the universal language with an appeal that transcends language, cultural, or religious boundaries.

LIVING FOR LIVE MUSIC As the summer season is right around the corner, concerts are also on their way. This means late summer nights spent with best friends, good drinks and food, and loud music. There is no comparison to hearing your favorite artist live. The feelings that are evoked as you sing and dance the night away are next to magical. Seeing the hundreds, if not thousands, of other people surrounding you makes you feel surprisingly calm. You know that everyone is there for the same reason and it’s a surreal experience. In those moments you are in love with life and you will gladly shout it from the rooftops!

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