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World University and School {in a virtual world}

Welcome to World University and School Wiki
which anyone can add to or edit.
The Global, Virtual/Digital, Open, Free, {potentially Degree- and Credit-Granting},
Multilingual University & School
where anyone can teach or take a class or course


Google "World University and School" to visit WUaS. World University & School is a wiki (editable web pages) with open, free teaching and learning content, which is potentially in all languages, nation states, subjects and at all levels. There's kids' teaching and learning content there, too, and all of this content will grow. It's web address is It's like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware (with 1900 courses online), which all of us can create together. You can teach to your web camera and post this to a video streaming web site like (which you'll find here on the FREE Educational Software page at WUaS), or learn from the abundant content already posted to WUaS, as well as add web links to the WUaS wiki. Degree- and credit-granting are planned for some years in the future.

Office Hours are on Saturdays now from 11a-1p, Pacific Time, in Second life on Harvard's virtual Island here - . You can get an avatar from this page, too, which is free and takes about 10 minutes to get. Look for Aphilo Aarde there, - Scott MacLeod's avatar. Come visit in-world and talk about World University & School.

With friendly greetings, Scott

You at World University

  • Create your own web page here, with information about what you know, would like to teach, and would like to learn.
  • Add a link to a page on your own web site or Facebook page about what you know or want to know.
  • Please join the open 'World University & School' Google Group
  • Please join the open 'World University & School' Facebook Group:
  • If you want to add your contact information for further communication, feel free to add an anonymous avatar's name and email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Name Avatar's Name Email Web Site Blog Facebook page Twitter page CV? Other page Other page Location Languages Courses Taught Courses Taken WUaS Number Status update labels
Scott MacLeod Aphilo Avatar in Second Life twitter: scottmacleod Canyon, California English, German Information Technology and Society Introduction to Ancient Greece 000,000,000,100 Finding the internet a creative space

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