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==Select Courses==
==Select Courses==
'''QUERY''':  Where would interested students register?  Is there a Registration Form to complete?  To whom would this form be directed, if there were one?
* Add free, open Scottish smallpipes and borderpipes' courses below.
* Add free, open Scottish smallpipes and borderpipes' courses below.

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QUERY: Where would interested students register? Is there a Registration Form to complete? To whom would this form be directed, if there were one?

  • Add free, open Scottish smallpipes and borderpipes' courses below.


Add free, open Scottish smallpipes and borderpipes' courses Web Site Organization (if any) Degree / Non-degree Instructor's Name Location Other Info Language Tags
Course's Name http:// non-degree Browser Start anytime English
Course's Name http:// non-degree Browser Start anytime English

WUaS Idea- and Academic Resources[edit]


From P to me on April 22, 2015, re the Scottish Small Pipes and the GHB scales (and for playing SSP with other instruments in a Scottish Country Dance Open Band) -

So Scott - the 3 sharps in the key of A are F#, C# and G#. That means to be in the key of A major, you MUST play G#, NOT G natural.

BUT your chanter has only G natural, not G # - that is what makes it A Mixolydian - NOT A major. And the key signature for A mixolydian is 2 sharps (F# & C#) not 3.

... The A Mixolydian mode (Related to the key of D major – scale used on the Great Highland Bagpipes. (ABC♯DEF♯GA) This scale applies to the bagpipes in name only. The tonic note of bagpipes (A) is currently pitched in between B flat and B natural without special adaptation of the instrument.[8][clarification needed]

Publish my article in a WUaS academic journal in this subject[edit]

Open Journal Systems. 2012. Open Journal Systems. Public Knowledge Project.

(WUaS's wiki, information technologies and criteria for this - informed by the WUaS academic journal subject matter - are developing, since you can already publish your article at http://www.academia.edu).

Bagpipe Sheet Music for Printing[edit]

Anderson, Ross. 2010. Ross's Music Page. (Free sheet music here, with much else online about Scots, Irish and Northumbrian traditions of music, pipes and many other instruments). Cambridge, Britain: University of Cambridge.

Free sheet music from Scotland. 2012. Free sheet music from Scotland. Scotland.

McGillivray, Jim. 2012. pipetunes.ca - Sheet Music on Demand from McGillivray Piping. Canada: pipetunes.ca.

Pachelbel Canon for 4 pipers. 2012. Canon for 4 pipers. (See 'Pachelbel Canon in D' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykGNSi0DHlA). callingthetune.co.uk.

Patrick McLaurin Tune Database Search. 2012. http://www.patrickmclaurin.com/tunedatabase/final.php.

Pipe Tune Search. 2012. http://www.pipetunesearch.org/.

Robertson, Bill. 2012. Bagpipe Tutorials. Auckland, New Zealand: Bagpipe Tutorials.

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Anderson, Ross. 2010. Ross's Music Page. (Items of interest to pipers). Cambridge, Britain: University of Cambridge.

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Agnew, Jock. 2003. LBPS More Power to your Elbow by Jock Agnew. Scotland: The Lowland and Border Pipers Society

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Gary West Scottish Smallpipes by Gary West. 2013. Gary West Scottish Smallpipes by Gary West. Edinburgh, Scotland: Youtube.com.

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Morrison, Fred. 2010. Fred Morrison: the Reel Deal. (Small Pipe expert Fred Morrison talks about his love for the pipes, his performance ethic and his design venture with McCallums Bagpipes). Scotland:

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Moore, Hamish. 2003. The Piper And The Maker (Hamish Moore Piping Concert). Pitlochry, Scotland:

Morrison, Fred. 2009. Outlands. 101 Distribution.

Select References[edit]

Scottish smallpipes. 2014. Scottish smallpipes. Wikipedia.

Which Makers for the Quietest/Softest/Mellowest Great Highland Pipes Sound? 2013. Which Makers for the Quietest/Softest/Mellowest Great Highland Pipes Sound?. forums.bobdunsire.com.

Scottish Smallpipes

MacLeod, Scott. 2013. Sunbittern - Stavenn Eurypiga Helias: Talking Piobaireachd, Building on Angus MacLellan's note durations on the CoP Tutor Vol. 4 CD in "The Company's Lament" and "MacKintosh's Banner" toward further beauty, perhaps doing what Yo yo Ma does ever so beautifully and wondrously with the Bach Cello Suites, which also have a sad tonal aspect to them, like Piobaireachd, Liking Kenny MacLean's and Jack Lee's playing of "The Desperate Battle" here at WUaS's Piobaireachd wiki page, Do you teach "The Desperate Battle"?, Scottish smallpipe comparisons. Canyon, CA: scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2013/11/sunbittern-stavenn-eurypiga-helias.html.

Seeler, Oliver. 2014. John Walsh Convertible Smallpipe ~ in A and D ~ Two Pipes In One!. Albion, CA: hotpipes.com/walsh.html .

Scottish Reelpipes

Tuning Scottish Smallpipes

John Walsh Convertible Smallpipe ~ in A and D ~ Two Pipes In One!. 2011. John Walsh Convertible Smallpipe ~ in A and D ~ Two Pipes In One!. Albion, CA: hotpipes.com/walsh.html .

Procedure sheet for the Walsh A/D2000 Scottish Small Pipe. 2000? https://kiltsandmore.com/upload/pdf/2338B/en/Walsh%20AD%20Combo.pdf Procedure sheet for the Walsh a/d2000 Scottish small pipe]. (According to this procedure sheet - "The shortest drone is the D tenor; the next shortest is the A drone (common to both A and D keys/chanters); the third drone is Combo Drone which, by turning the top 1/2 of the drone top, one way tunes to E and the other way tunes to D; the fourth or longest drone is the Bass A Drone; Tuning for the A pipe is: A E A, while tuning for the D pipe is: D A D"). kiltsandmore.com/upload/pdf/2338B/en/Walsh%20AD%20Combo.pdf

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Bennett, Martyn. 2007. MacCrimmon's Lament - Martyn Bennett. tomtscotland Youtube channel.

Campbell, Mairi & Hamish Moore. 2003. The Piper and the Maker. Pitlochry, Scotland: Youtube.com.

MacDonald, Allan, Angus MacKenzie, Fin Moore & Angus Nicolson. 2012. Ceolas Piping Concert, smallpipes. (Bellows-blown with singing). Iain MacDonald Youtube channel.

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Scottish Smallpipes Bonnie Dundee. 2014. Scottish Smallpipes Bonnie Dundee Greyfriars Bar Perthshire Scotland. Perthshire, Scotland: tourscotland Youtube channel.

Tickell, Kathryn. 20. Kathryn Tickell ~ The Wedding. Abercastle, North Pembrokeshire, West Wales: Kathryn Tickell.

tstirm. 2012. Smallpipes in D: The Blue Cloud. (I am still learning out the bellows and am not quite used to the size of the chanter yet because I am usually playing the Great Highland Pipes). Youtube.com.

Wade, Alan and Dick Glasgow. 201 . Scottish Smallpipes & Tenor Banjo ~ Air & Reels!. Ballymoney, Co. Antrim: Dick Glasgow Youtube channel.

Scottish Borderpipes

Morrison, Fred. 2006. Fred Morrison - Pipes solo. Asturias, Spain: Alberto Ablanedo Youtube channel.

Scottish Reelpipes

Morrison, Fred. 2010. Fred Morrison: the Reel Deal. (Small Pipe expert Fred Morrison talks about his love for the pipes, his performance ethic and his design venture with McCallums Bagpipes). Scotland:

Morrison, Fred. 2010. Fred Morrison performs on the Reel Pipes. Scotland:

Morrison, Fred. 2009. Fred Morrison - 'The Hard Drive'. Scotland: Trad Awards 2009.

Morrison, Fred. 2011. Unpacking Fred Morrison Reelpipes. Scotland:

Morrison, Fred and Stuart Liddell. 2010. Fred Morrison and Stuart Liddell jam session. Scotland: Doug Henkle Youtube channel.

Scottish Smallpipes

Lee, Jack. 2011. Jack Lee Bagpipe Concert with Isle of Maui Pipe Band Player. Youtube.com.

MacDonald, Allan. 2011. Allan MacDonald The Lament for the Children. Aug 7. Lennoxlove Great Hall, Haddington, Scotland: The Pipers' Club of Scotland.

MacNeill, Stephen. 2012. "Hector the Hero" on Shepherd Smallpipes in the Key of D. (Sounds of the Smallpipes: Hear this popular slow air on Shepherd smallpipes. You can also see the reduced finger spacing on a "D" chanter, with poly chanter). Youtube.com.

MacNeill, Stephen. 2012. Hornpipe on McCallum Blackwood Smallpipes in "A". Youtube.com.

MacNeill, Stephen. 2012. Jigs on Walsh Blackwood Smallpipes. Youtube.com.

MacNeill, Stephen. 2012. Marches on Walsh Smallpipes in A. (Sounds of the Smallpipes: Hear 12/8 marches played on Walsh Poly Smallpipes in the key of A; Mouth-blown). Youtube.com.

MacNeill, Stephen. 2012. Marches on Walsh Blackwood Smallpipes. (Mouth-blown). Youtube.com.

McGillivray, Jim. 2006. Bagpiper Jim McGillivray 2. Shreveport, Louisiana: 3DPiper.

Morrison, Fred. Fred Morrison - Introduction to 'D' Smallpipes, Fred also plays two reels. (Fred Morrison introduction to Fred Morrison Smallpipes in D. Fred talks about the set up and manufacture of the smallpipes and finishes by playing two reels, The Loch Carnan Reel and Big Duncan's Reel. Fred Morrison Smallpipes are manufactured by McCallum Bagpipes in Kilmarnock, Scotland). Youtube.com.

Morrison, Fred. 2012. Fred Morrison - Smallpipes in A playing 'The Hard Drive'. Youtube.com.

Morrison, Fred. 2012. Fred Morrison - Introduction to A Smallpipes (Slow Air 'Drumbuie'). (Discussion of bellows plus more). Youtube.com.

Oterdoom, René. 2011. 2011-06-11 smallpipes strathspeys.mts. (Bellows-blown; Playing a couple of strahspeys on a Richard Evans set of bellows blown smallpipes, an A/D combo made of African blackwood with silver plated brass slides and imitation ivory mounts, and Northumbrian style drone plungers). René Oterdoom Youtube channel.

The Scottish Hobbit. 2014. Smallpipes Update. (Bellows-blown). TheScottishHobbit Youtube channel.

West, Gary. 2009. Gary West. Edinburgh, Scotland: the beastful broon youtube channel.

West, Gary. 2010. Gary West, scottish smallpipes. (In the Key of D; Bellows-blown).Haddington, Scotland: Lennoxlove House.

West, Gary. 2006. Smallpipes - Gary West. North Hero Pipers Gathering 2000.


Walsh, John. 1994. John Walsh 8 - Manchester Recital 1994. Manchester, England: North West England Piping Society.

Technique for using bellows

Gibson, Jerry. 2013. Gibson Ceilidh small pipes Tutorial Part 3. (Technique for using the bellows at 4 minutes). Jerry Gibson Youtube channel.

Tuning Scottish Smallpipes

Tuning Walsh D 2000 Scottish Smallpipes Bagpipes in D. 2009. Tuning Walsh D 2000 Scottish Smallpipes Bagpipes in D. Shakz Youtube channel.

Tuning Walsh D 2000 Scottish Smallpipes Bagpipes PT 2. 2009. Tuning Walsh D 2000 Scottish Smallpipes Bagpipes PT 2. Shakz Youtube channel.

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The Lowland and Border Pipers Society. 2013. The Lowland and Border Pipers Society. Scotland: lbps.net.

Ross's Music Page. 2014. Ross's Music Page. (I am interested in the evolution of folk music in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This was a period of rapid change; the Scots, Irish and Northumbrian traditions developed into their current form, as did our three countries' pipes and many other instruments). Cambridge, UK: cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/music/.

Scottish Smallpipes

John Walsh. 2013. Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Scottish Reelpipes




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World University & School is a community of learners and teachers who value — and are themselves strengthened by — the rich diversity of its participants. In order to cultivate a flourishing teaching, learning and creating conversation in a diverse and complex world, WUaS welcomes all languages, students, families, faculty, board members, and staff with differences based on (but not limited to) race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, and economic background.

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