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Welcome to World University and School Wiki
The Global, Virtual/Digital, Open, Free, Degree-Granting, Multilingual University & School

where anyone can take or post (teach) classes


We're presently in the process of both envisioning and realizing a global, degree-granting (Ph.D., M.D., I.B., & Music School, etc.), free-to-students, open, virtual university and school, with great universities (e.g. Harvard, MIT, Ivy League Schools, Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, Oxford, T.U.M., Sorbonne, L.M.U., Juilliard, Cambridge, Cal Tech, etc.) as key players, using a Wikipedia model, and for everyone and especially the developing world - that anyone can edit.

In many ways, World University is already open. You can take classes, for example, through MIT's Open Course Ware by clicking on the courses to the right, and learn, for example, what is the equivalent of a masters in physics or "Society, Technology and Science" at MIT. Or you post a very fun class about Mozart or massage. For the time being, World University might offer degrees over a 10 year horizon.

Use the links to the left to begin adding a free course, language, country, degree or taking a course.

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